Monday, March 16, 2009

Flavor Tripping

Yesterday, I went to a Flavor Tripping party in Brooklyn. It's not what you think...completely legal and PG. For a mere $5.00, I tried the Miracle Fruit, a berry from a bush originally found in Africa. The berry is suppose to change the way food tastes in your mouth. It mostly makes sour foods taste sweet. After chewing on the berry for a couple minutes, I tried an array of foods to see if they tasted differently than normal. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a huge difference in cheese, beer, sour candy or chocolate. The lime and grapefruit tasted a touch sweeter than normal and salt and vinegar chips were so tangy, they hurt my tongue. Overall, it was good to try this mystical berry, but not really worth $5.00.

To make the best of our trek to Brooklyn, Elaine, Joy and I went to Egg for dinner. None of us were really in the mood for brunch so we ordered burgers. Warning: these following pictures will make you hungry!

I ordered a cheeseburger with cheddar and a fried egg and french fries, of course!

The burger was tasty and filling, but way too salty even for my salt-loving palette. I was guzzling water for the rest of the night. I wouldn't try this burger again, but am curious about the brunch options.

Restaurants mentioned:
135 N. 5th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. wow i read this post at home when my internet wouldn't load the pics. now i check it at work and the pics make a big big big difference! wow.

    - winona