Sunday, May 17, 2009


When my sister and friend were in town, I wanted to take them to a really nice dinner. I had originally tried to get reservations to Scarpetta but was on the waitlist for a whole week with no avail. Cru was on my list to try after several recommendations from friends and luckily they had availability. I was a little nervous taking them to a restaurant I haven't eaten at before, but thankfully Cru delivered. We had an amazing meal with impeccable service. I did not have a single complaint or criticism about any of the dishes. That's pretty rare for me...only a handful of meals have been "perfect." The sommelier did a great job selecting a versatile wine to go with all the courses...a 1998 Movia Cabernet Sauvignon from Slovenia!

I don't remember all the garnishes but these were pan seared Nantucket Bay scallops....perfectly cooked.

The fluke crudo was really fresh and velvety soft. Again, really can't remember the garnishes.

This was the chilled foie gras with white chocolate and some sort of sweet jam. It was served with mini brioche. I love foie gras but I always find that the portions are just too big for me to finish. I ate/shared most of this wheel but it was too rich to eat in its entirety on my own.

We ordered the pasta tasting for the table ( which I think is the coolest concept) and let the chef decide which two pastas he would serve us. The first one was sweetbread ravioli with lamb jus....absolutely amazing.

I had to force myself to not finish this pasta because I was so full and the entrees had not even come out yet. This was orechiette with fave beans and a light parmesan broth. I loved the saltiness of the cheese. Highly addicting.

This veal shank was enormous and SO GOOD. It was cooked perfectly and the sauce was really flavorful.

This was black cod with mushrooms. It was melt in your mouth soft and delicious. I finished this all off even though I was stuffed. Could not be wasted!

Oh, and we ordered sides. I have no idea why we ordered so much food but the fingerling potato puree was creamy, buttery and super addicting. The asparagus was well cooked.

For once, I didn't order dessert. After putting away all those dishes, I simply couldn't fit any more food in (my dress was also a physical restraint.) I loved this whole meal and can't wait to eat here again.

Restaurants mentioned:
24 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10011

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