Monday, November 9, 2009


Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. I had a great time for my first visit. Unfortunately I did no site seeing but I'm not a big fan of historical landmarks and all that jazz. It was mainly a weekend of food, friends and fun!

I tried Jim's Steaks to see what the cheesesteak hype was all about. The hotel doorman recommended it. The 30 minute line out the door was a good a promising sign.

Watching the men at work. They moved crazily fast.

Yum. Cheez Whiz in a can! Fine dining at its greatest.

Yay! Cheesteaks with grilled onions whiz wit. Yes, I eat it with ketchup. Don't judge. They don't put it out there if people didn't want it! The cheesesteak was good but not the best thing I've ever eaten. I just don't think cheesesteaks can reach that level of greatness nor can it be that bad.

Dinner at Twenty Manning. After my cheesesteak lunch and a blizzard at Dairy Queen, I didn't have much of an appetite at dinner. I ordered beet ravioli which was delicious.

Braised short ribs were tender, but could have used a little more juice.

The double cut pork tenderloin was enormous. The texture of the meat seemed a little weird, like processed mashed together meat--perfectly smooth. There were no fibers or anything, but there wass a bone so it must be a real tenderloin.

Reading Terminal Market was my favorite place in Philly! Food and vendors everywhere! Unfortunately the Amish vendors didn't work on Sundays so I didn't get to see cute Amish people.

With so many choices for food, it was hard to decide what to eat. Joy and I got a corned beef sandwich, matzo ball soup, crab and shrimp nachos and clam chowder. The food wasn't that great but I was hungover and starving so it did the job.

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