Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Last night, I had dinner at Blue Ribbon Brasserie, a spot I've been wanting to try forever. Ironically enough, I never went when I lived a block away from it last year. I always thought the wait would be long and never wanted to make an effort. Located on Sullivan street in Soho, the unassuming exterior gave no indication of the amazing food that awaited inside. The restaurant had a French bistro vibe with its dimly lit, bustling ambiance. A guy shucked fresh oysters at a long bar at the front of the restaurant providing entertainment to passerbys (and me.) I was seated almost immediately and given a fresh loaf of delicious bread. I had oysters, duck breast with turnip puree, beets and brussel sprouts and a grilled octopus special. Everything was delicious and well seasoned. I actually had no complaints about the food, which is pretty rare these days. Dessert wasn't anything special--chocolate cake and 3 scoops of ice cream. I ate all the ice cream and left the cake. :)

Restaurants mentioned:

Blue Ribbon Brasserie
97 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012

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