Monday, April 5, 2010

Bay Area Eats Part I

I spent the weekend in the Bay Area and pretty much ate the entire time. I think it's a sign I should visit home more often when I miss the food so much, I have to eat for 3 days straight. Back in NYC now, I'm on a major detox especially with this warm weather begging for cute spring dresses and short shorts. Can't have any muffin tops!

I didn't take pictures of everything I ate, but I definitely tried. Since I left California, I have struck up a long distance love affair with the Ferry Building. I have to stop there every time I'm home. It feels incomplete otherwise. Blue Bottle Coffee, Ciao Bella, Miette's, Acme Bread, Cowgirl Creamery, Boccolone, Hog Island Oyster--what's not to love?! I only meant to stop in for some coffee, but ended up meeting up with friends there and stayed/ate for hours. Chelsea Market doesn't stand a chance next to the Ferry Building.

Poor planning on my part meant heading to a 9 course dinner at Saison with a full stomach. Being the professional eater I am, I made room.

Wild Caviar en gelee

Farm egg smoked butter, golden trout roe

Asparagus roasted with bonito and sea urchin

Scallop steamed in seaweed, green peas and sea uchin jus

Crimson beet aigre-doux, hibiscus and bone marrow

Sonoma lamb whole-roasted with vadouvan spices, natural jus

Point Reyes inverness, sun-toasted walnuts

Satsuma ice cream, mandarin granite

Chocolate-walnut crumble, salted caramel ice cream

Yup, I ate all that. It was absolutely amazing. I loved the whole dining experience at Saison. Discreet sign, walking through the kitchen to get to the dining room, extremely gracious service and of course, the food!!!

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