Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joanie Doanie Comes to Town

My sister was in town this past weekend and we did what the Doans do best: eat and shop. Luckily we share the same affinity for comfort food and desserts! She may be little but my sister puts away nearly as much food as I do and I'm half a foot taller than her.

Homage to our Vietnamese roots with a classic banh mi sandwich from Banh Mi Zon. It was one of the more authentic versions I've tasted in New York and completely delicious. At a mere $5.50, I highly recommend it.

We love cheese. I had to take her to Taureau--a new BYOB fondue place in the East Village. The burner is built into the table. Pretty darn cool. Oh yeah, so is saving tons of money by bringing your own booze! I loved this place. Plenty of fondue options, veggies, fruits and bread to dip and also meats to cook in flavored oil.
Pizza Gruppo has really light thin crust pizzas. I love them. Some could argue that there is no crust but there is part of it the dough with no topping on it so there technically is a crust. I also had the bruschetta and a salad. All delicious. Oh and there's a great 2 for 1 drink special from 3-7pm! Score!

I wanted to take her to Prune for brunch but even arriving at noon, which I think is early for New York standards, the wait was an hour. So we rounded the corner and checked out Boca Chica. I was pleasantly surprised. I like the food and the service was great. I had some sort of eggs on top of corn tortillas with black beans, guacamole and bacon. I love ethnically inspired breakfast. You really can't go wrong when all these delicious ingredients are thrown together. My sister had the cuban sandwich--a bit too much pickle for me but still good.

We had dessert after almost every meal. Our last stop was Sugar Sweet Sunshine, one of my favorite cupcake places in New York. Cheap, moist with great frosting. Heaven.

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