Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mako Shark

On Friday, I wandered into the corner gourmet grocer for something deliciously healthy to make for dinner. I headed to the fish section to see what was the freshest. To my surprise, there was a special for mako shark. I've never eaten shark other than shark fin soup at Asian restaurants, let alone prepare it myself. I was intrigued. It also looked freshest.

I was a bit nervous but decided to just cook it like I would cook any other white fish--pan fried. I removed the bit of leathery skin that was still on the fillet and seasoned both sides with salt, pepper, paprika and coated it in flour for some crispiness. Served with cilantro brown rice and stir fried shitakke mushrooms, sugar snaps and shallots, it was a delicious and healthy dinner. The shark was surprisingly tender and soft--I thought it would be tougher like swordfish. I'm a fan. Give it a try if you can find some!

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