Monday, August 30, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal. I rarely miss it and when I am do, (usually not by choice) I become a grumpy, hungry ogre. I really do feel that having a proper breakfast gives you the physical and mental energy to go about your day. When I let myself get too hungry, I make bad food choices (sugar, fried stuff, carbs) and have difficulty focusing and concentrating on anything. My weekday breakfasts are generally healthy but on weekends, I let loose and eat whatever my heart desires. I alternate between eating out with friends and making something myself at home.

My favorite breakfast to make at home is generally savory. This past weekend, I fried eggs over heirloom tomato confit and arugula and ate it with smoky thick cut bacon and toasted bread. It was very simple to prepare and so delicious. I picked up the heirloom tomatoes from the Union Square green market and used rosemary from my own rosemary plant! I definitely felt a real sense of accomplishment from using my own herbs.

When this energy packed breakfast, I was able to walk across the city to Chelsea Piers and spend some time at the driving range!

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