Monday, January 17, 2011

A Beauty is Born

I had today off from work (thanks, Dr. King) and shamelessly slept until 1pm. I generally don't sleep in late but I've been burning the midnight oil the past couple nights and needed to recharge before my work week. The rest of my day was quite productive, fortunately.

I swung my Broadway Panhandler looking for KitchenAid mixers and luck will have it that they were on sale! The baking gods must have been smiling down at me today. There were only a few color options, white, red and pearl metallic. I'm not a fan of red cookware and white was too boring so pearl metallic was the winner. With a 6 quart capacity and 3 paddle attachments this gorgeous Pro 600 series machine was a hefty 15 pounds. I was weary of lugging it home and was extremely aware of how annoying it is to live in NYC without a car. Luckily, the bf was with me and graciously offered to carry it.

So shiny and new. I better keep the raccoons away.
 We brought it home and just sat and admired it for awhile. Like any normal parent, I was overly protective and was worried that it would get scratched. I quickly got over it and broke it in to make some rolls for dinner. It worked beautifully and I couldn't help but smile in awe as it kneaded and mixed the ingredients from oblivion to golden balls of fluffy dough. I didn't do much besides measure some things, but I couldn't help but feel proud. :)

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