Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Philly is Making Me Fat

 After a short hiatus, I'm back! I came down with a nasty cold last week and was pretty much out of commission. Fortunately I mostly recovered in time for my planned trip to Philly this past weekend. It was a rainy cold weekend so I pretty much just ate and slept, two things I'm great at.

First stop was a late dinner at Garces Trading Co., Iron Chef Jose Garces' newest venture. The concept of the restaurant is pretty cool--very EATaly-esque. There's a bread counter, cheese counter, meat counter, products for sale and a wine shop next door. The food was not as impressive as I thought it would be. The highlight of the meal was definitely the BYOB aspect and some amazing truffle lavender honey which I got a jar of togo!

lyonnaise duck salad with duck confit, pached egg, bacon lardons, mustard vinaigrette

cheese platter with various accompaniments

roasted red peppers, confit cherry tomatoes, modena aged balsamic

diver scallops

funghi pizza with maitakes, royal trumpets, taleggio, black truffles

tuscan fusilli alla carbonara

red velvet cake

I also made it to Village Whiskey, another Garces restaurant. I have been dying to try this place for some time! Even though I arrive relatively early and it was raining out, the hostess told me it would be a 4 hour wait! I couldn't believe it. However, 30 minutes later, before I even finished my beer, a table was available. I'm very glad I stuck around because the food was delicious and worth the wait.

amazing cheesy cheese puffs. they were so light and airy, which to me means low calorie

the infamous burger with caramelized onions, a fried egg and cheddar

duck fat fries with cheese sauce
pork belly pate special. that dark liquid is all the congealed fat. yum.

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