Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Scallops

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking for friends and bringing people together to enjoy food. Sharing a meal is such a great way to connect and brighten your day. Who can really be in a bad mood surrounded by delicious food? I think it'd be pretty difficult.

I made dinner for some friends last weekend and was quite proud how seamless everything was. Cooking doesn't need to be stressful. It can be easy if you're organized and prepared. I started my prep the day before with a little bit of work the night of and was able to enjoy the meal with my friends rather than spend the entire time in the kitchen. It turned out to be a great dinner.

A cheese platter is one of my favorite ways to start a meal. Add some pears, fig bread and truffle lavender honey and you've got a gorgeous spread with minimal effort.

Seared scallops with corn coulis, roasted spring onions, Berkshire bacon lardons and garnished with green apple. I loved all the flavors and was surprised how light the entire dish was.

Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. Can't go wrong with these guys!     


  1. i want to go back and get a jar of that truffle lavender honey for myself! those scallops look delicious. what's a coulis?

  2. coulis is just a fancy term for pureed something or other used as a sauce