Monday, April 18, 2011

Edible Garden

I've never considered myself to have much of a green thumb. I don't like dirt and quite frankly, bugs scare me. But for some reason, I have this urge to plant and grow my own herbs. A huge plus is that it's economical since herbs at most grocery stores in the city cost an arm and a leg and almost always goes bad before I can use it all. Even more than the cost saving factor is the surge of pride I get from watching my herbs grow big and strong. Last summer, when my beautiful rosemary plant shriveled up and died...I was heartbroken. It was my first attempt at growing herbs, or herb, I should say. I only attempted one to see how competent I was at it. But while it was still alive, I put rosemary in almost everything I made it. It was so convenient to have it right at my window sill. Plus fresh rosemary is so much more potent than the stuff found in stores. I've been waiting anxiously for the first sign of herb plants and am now even more determined to really grow my own herb garden. After a little research, some newly purchased soil and fertilizer, I'm going to hope for the best this time!

good luck my little cilantro and thyme


  1. oh you are so cute. my little gardener.

  2. RIP Thyme. Hopefully your cousin is stronger

  3. with a little more TLC (and miracle gro), they are doing so well!