Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eat Club

I happen to be watching the news tonight and heard about a new company with an interesting service--and a really cool name. Eat Club is based in the Bay Area and is the brainchild of two Stanford MBA grads. Eat Club serves to help all the hardworking folks who don't have time to bring or go out for lunch. Everyone has those days where you don't even have time to finish your morning coffee, let alone go out and grab lunch. For many in the South Bay who work in isolated business parks, "grabbing lunch" may involve hopping in your car and driving a couple miles all of which could take at least 15-20 minutes. Eat Club's service allows customers to order from their preset menu by 10:15AM and have lunch delivered to their lobby by lunchtime. All for a mere $7.50! No tip. No delivery fee. Eat Club works with local restaurants to set specific menus for certain days and the restaurant plans ahead to accommodate the business. I haven't personally tried this but if you don't have time to bring your lunch and are tired of expensive salads and long lunch lines--this may be a good solution for hungry workaholics.

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