Sunday, December 4, 2011

Citizen's Band

I went here with a couple friends last night and the experience completely exceeded my expectations. I was running late due to traffic coming up from the South Bay but had called and let the hostess know. She was very nice and assured me it wouldn't be a problem.  Adding to our tardiness, we had trouble finding the restaurant. Instead of illuminating the name outside, it says "ideal." Confusing right? We sauntered up and down the street looking for "Citizen's Band" and repeatedly walked by the restaurant.

The restaurant has a hipster feel to it--open kitchen, wine list on a hanging chalkboard, transparent refrigerator. Service is a bit slow, but for once I didn't mind. We had a leisurely meal, chatting away for nearly two hours. It felt nice to not be rushed, although there were customers waiting for a table. Secret tip: they don't offer a bread basket unless you ask! I was informed by my knowledge neighbor as we were patiently and hungrily waiting for our food.

Super juicy, succulent kobe burger with fried egg, oven roasted tomato, roasted garlic mayo, cheddar, housemade pickles and a Pinkie's challah bun. Pinkie's is a bakery conveniently located right next door. Oh, those are handcut fries too!

Buttermilk fried poussin, escarole, Pinkie's biscuit and red eye gravy. That's gravy with coffee added. Unfortunately, was not enough to keep me awake after I finished this plate!

 Pork chop with beets and some sort of root veg and jus. Not my dish, so I couldn't be bothered to remember the ingredients. The chop was very moist!

With our meal, we ordered a bottle of 2009 Huge Bear Sauvignon Blanc. Yup, we ordered it simply because of the name. How could we not? Luckily, it did not disappoint.

After the meal, we had Sightglass coffee. It was served from a French press and definitely perked me up enough to drive all the way back home.

With our check came small oatmeal raisin cookies! Just enough sweet to finish the meal.

I loved this restaurant. It's casual, not too loud and serves fresh, well made, comfort food. Can't wait to come back!

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