Friday, December 16, 2011

Darwin Cafe

I feel so guilty when I don't post in awhile--like I'm neglecting a pet! It's been a busy week of holiday events, work, commuting and everyday hoo-ha. I really love Fridays for a chance to catch up all the things I don't seem to have time for during the week. Anyhoo on to the food.

I went to Darwin Cafe about a week ago for an early dinner midweek. I was shocked to see the place pretty full and become even more crowded during the course of my meal. The entire restaurant seats approximately 15 people, including the bar stools, which are definitely the best seats in the house. The menu is small, but completely satisfying. Sometimes it's nice to eat at a place that doesn't have a lot of options--I find a too large menu to be overwhelming. The menu here is seasonal, fresh and changes frequently. The vibe is intimate, warm and cozy. The perfect place to catch up with a friend or a casual date night, or even to dine solo. I loved everything I tried. I was even hesitant to post about it because I selfishly don't want this hidden gem to get too much publicity!, olives and bread

 Enormous kale salad with pancetta, balsamic and parm!! I loved this!

 Dungeness crab stuffed mushrooms

Chorizo cheesy fondue type dip---served with warm tortillas

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