Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magic Flute

Met some wonderful new acquaintances for brunch today at Magic Flute. It was a sunny and beautiful day in San Francisco and perfect for sitting in the restaurant's outdoor patio, in the shade of course. These Bay Area "winters" are the stuff dreams are made of. Warm and jacketless weather in January? Yes, please!

Magic Flute is tucked away in Laurel Heights on a quite street lined with shops and restaurants. It seems more like a destination restaurant than one you'd drop in to on a random day. The interior is cute and charming and would be perfect for a romantic date. The patio is ideal for larger parties and private events. Service was gracious, albeit a bit spotty. But the weather was so nice, I didn't mind at all. Sunshine really does put everyone in a better mood!

I'll have to try the food again to really give a strong opinion. The dishes I tried were good, but probably not something I would remember a couple weeks from now. My scale for rating food has a lot to do with my ability to remember the exact meal and how it tastes weeks and months after the fact.  Until then, I'll refer back to these beautiful pictures!

Magic Flute Ristorante

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