Monday, August 6, 2012


Photos from a recent dinner at Delfina. It was my first time dining at the acclaimed restaurant. I had a marvelous dinner and was given the royal treatment---possibly because the Chef de Cuisine is a culinary school classmate and I was dining with his fiance or maybe the restaurant has a very hospitable staff--I can't be sure :)

Regardless, the service was fantastic and the food was you can see, we had a lot of it! This also excludes a pasta dish that had a blurry pictures and the dessert(s.) 13 courses later, I rolled out of the restaurant quite satisfied.

prosciutto wrapped breadsticks

tartine bread---so amazing

salmon carpaccio

warm castelvetrano olives

grilled san pedro calamari, warm white bean salad

lamb sausage, lentils

fresh-cured anchovies nostrano, insalata affettat

hmm, can't remember what this was

some kind of tortelloni

braised rabbit, polenta

stuffed zucchini

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