Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is Why I'm Getting Fat

Today, I learned about different salad compositions and oils and vinaigrettes, which wasn't exactly rocket science, but pretty interesting to experiment with. I've never made my own vinaigrette before.

This is a traditional Nicoise salad with Boston lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, green bell peppers, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, tuna, anchovies and of course, olives! It's tossed with a light sherry vinaigrette.

This was my favorite dish of the day...bitter greens salad with tomatoes and duck confit. The greens were a mixture of radicchio, frisee, watercress, mache, and basil dressed with a shallot-sherry vinaigrette. The tanginess of the dressing really complemented the bitterness of the greens...all topped with crispy duck confit and oven toasted bread. Delish!!

I thought today's lesson plan would help me enforce some will power and not eat everything I made....WRONG! Apparently I make excellent salads because it was so tasty looking, I ate most of my bitter green salad with duck confit and salad nicoise...and also the standard lunch that was provided! I also couldn't help but sample some cream puffs, fried pastry and chocolate tarts leftover from the pastry class next door!

Luckily this last salad, macedoine de legumes was not so tasty...the cooked peas, carrots, turnips and green beans are coated in homemade mayonnaise. I ended up tossing this in compost right after I took this picture.

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