Monday, February 23, 2009

Celebrity Chef Citing Makes for a Great Monday

I had my first test today in class and realized I completely studied more than I needed to and wasted a lot of my Sunday! I guess it's not a waste to know all the material really well, but I will definitely scale back on my next test this Friday.

Mid morning, guess who walks into class to say hello?

The one and only Wylie Dufresne!!! He is a FCI alum and was just visiting the school. One of my instructors also use to work at WD-50. I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture with my camera phone, but he was just in street clothes. This is the second time I've seen him...first was at his restaurant when he just happened to be in the kitchen. Hopefully next time I see him, he'll know who I am!

Today's lesson was all about emulsion so we made mayonnaise (not fun to be taste testing at 10am), hollandaise sauce, bearnaise sauce, beurre blanc (rouge) and gratin a l'orange, sabayon au Grand Marnier.

I finally had enough time to take a picture of one of my finished dishes. The picture quality is poor, but this is gratin a l'orange, sabayon au Grand Marnier...which is supremed orange segments covered with a sauce made with Grand Marnier and orange zest....bruleed for a crispy finish and garnished with some mint. It was delicious and I ate all of it!

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