Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 Hour Ramen @ Ippudo

Over the weekend, Kevin was in town so I took him to the infamous ramen house, Ippudo. I am quite the loyal ramen follower, but I've only been to Ippudo once before. It happened to be a Sunday afternoon so the wait wasn't horrendous. Going on a Saturday night, however, probably wasn't the best idea if I had expected to eat dinner at a normal time. The wait was approximately 2 hours, despite the ridiculous 80 degree temperature in New York. Who wants to eat a eat steaming bowl of ramen when it's 80 degrees out?? Well, besides me, of course. :) So we did what any rational person would do---headed up the street to a bar to kill time. We eventually got a table and promptly ordered a ton of food.

The shochu cocktail with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is a must. It tasted like a really delicious Greyhound. It's definitely one of those "creeper" drinks where it tastes so good, you forget how much alcohol you're quickly guzzling.

Who knew a simple dish like cabbage with sesame oil, rice crackers and a little salt and pepper could be so yummy? The crunchy texture brings it all together. Love it.

I've never had shisito peppers before but these were lightly fried and came with a side of salty dipping mixture, which we jokingly dubbed MSG (I wouldn't be surprised if it was mixed in there!) It wasn't my favorite dish, but not bad at all.

Mmmm...the one dish I was fantasizing about besides the ramen. These are no Momofuku buns but still hold their own! They're filled with Berkshire pork, lettuce, and some sort of spicy, mayo, chili sauce. I could have eaten all 6, but just had 1. Absolutely delicious!

I decided to go with the miso ramen which came with Berkshire pork, cabbage and scallions. The bowls are huge and I could barely finish half. I can't say that I really see a huge difference in Ippudo ramen and some other top ramen places in the city. The noodles are hand pulled and not too soft or gummy. The broths never disappoint. Is it worth the wait? I definitely think it's worth going at least once.

Restaurants mentioned:
65 4th Ave.
New York, NY 10003

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