Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mercadito Cantina

I checked out Mercadito Cantina with Erin and her friends last night. It's the cheaper version of the popular chain Mercadito. Cantina is TINY and really cramped but somehow we lucked out and got a table....the only caveat being we had to be out in an hour.

The menu is pretty much various salsas, guacamoles and tacos. The portions are tiny but I think appropriate for avoiding that gross, bloated "I ate too much Mexcian food" feeling. We ordered a couple salsas, which surprised me because they were blended perfectly smooth and not chunky. They seemed more like dipping sauces than salsas. We also had crispy corn bread bites which were so good! They were deep fried nuggets of sweetness. I could easily eat a huge basket myself. Again, thankfully the portion was small and I had to share with 4 other people. I had tinga de mole tacos which were pulled chicken, mole poblano, and sweet potato. I thought it was really good and will definitely be back to check out the other items. On Mondays and Tuesday there is an all you can eat taco deal! Tempting....

Restaurants mentioned:
Mercadito Cantina
172 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

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