Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gramercy Tavern

I had a crazy weekend of delicious and absolutely unhealthy food. On Friday night, I had dinner in the Tavern at Gramercy Tavern. I've only eaten in the Dining Room prior. The wait was about an hour but I passed time at the bar with some yummy cocktails and roasted walnuts. The minute I stepped into the restaurant I felt like I was at home. The wait didn't even seem long. The decor is cozy and homey, service fantastic. I love everything about the place--hence it still stands as my favorite restaurant in New York.

I have a weird fascination with sweetbreads. I always want to order them to see if they are better than previous versions I've had. These are pan seared with hen of the woods mushrooms, cippollini onions, walnuts and sage. Alone, the sweetbreads didn't taste like much but eaten all together, I thought it was very good.

This was a flatbread special with kale (!!!) and parmesan. I loved it. It had just a hint of spice.

The kitchen sent out a free appetizer from the Dining Room. This was an egg crepe with crab. Pretty tasty, especially since it was free!

There were a lot of comfort foods on the menu and I wasn't in a fish mood so I ordered the meatball entree which came with fontina, potato puree and red wine onions. Hands down the best meatball I've ever had. It tasted rich and flavorful and I could have sworn there was veal or pork in it but the server informed me it was 100% beef. I was blown away. Doesn't it look like a giant bug face? :)

This was the sea bass with spaghetti squash, walnuts and sherry sauce. It didn't look or taste the way I thought it would. I was kind of confused actually. I tasted corn and curry. I'm surprised the menu didn't list those garnishes.

Surprisingly, I did not get dessert. I was pretty darn full and my date was getting antsy after being in the restaurant for four hours. Next time, I'll go back just for dessert--I think they're amazingly delicious. Actually as I'm looking at the menu right now, I'm really regretting not getting dessert. There is pumpkin whoopie pie and lemon bread pudding! sigh.

Restaurants mentioned:
Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th St.
New York, NY 10003

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