Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Moving on Up!

Today was an excellent day at work. I got rave reviews on my shallot, garlic, white wine sauce and found out I'll be working the garde manger/pastry station starting Monday! This probably means nothing to non food industry people, but it's a pretty big deal for me. I started out in the lunch buffet side of the kitchen--which means mass quantity of food production for the partners' lunch everyday. It's been a great learning experience but honestly I was getting kind of bored doing the same thing everyday and not learning more difficult cooking skills. It didn't help that I've been doing the same outdated winter menu since September. Monday, we start the new Spring menu! No more root vegetables! I don't want to cut any more celery root or trim any more brussels sprouts for a long time. The A La Carte side is like a real restaurant that cooks for partners and their clients. I've never actually worked as a line cook since school and my part time internships so hopefully this will be a great learning experience.

Being in charge of the pastry orders won't bode well for my beach body diet!

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