Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Fun in the City

I had one of those perfect NY weekends. Filled with friends, food and fun. Even though it's been nearly 100 degrees everyday, something about it being summer makes me just want to do more.

I had a lovely dinner at Taureau, one of my favorite spots for fondue. It's a charming little place that has the ever so appealing benefit of BYOB. Needless to say, my friends and I brought the B. This is my second time here and they've noticeably improved on the service which I thought was a bit lacking the last time around. I really love this place and keep talking it up so much, they should pay me as a promoter!

The bread comes free but for other veggies and fruit, you order off the menu. All the sides are refillable.

You can order different oils and raw meats to cook yourself. It comes with four dipping sauces.

I couldn't pass up the chocolate fondue! Gotta get my fruit serving for the day.

We couldn't finish the dessert and had lots of wine to finish still, so we got creative. Looks like the Pringles guy!

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