Monday, July 26, 2010

New England Weekend

I had an amazing weekend in Rockport, MA. Sometimes I think the best part of living in NYC is escaping the city during extreme weather to somewhere cute, quaint and cozy along the coast. I honestly think it is the only way to live here for an extended period of time and to keep your sanity. After a full day of work and 8 hours of mind numbing traffic on Friday, I spent two luxurious days lying on the beach, playing bocce and cooking up lobster (which cost $7/lb straight from the fishing dock.)

Life doesn't get any better. I mostly cooked--which I didn't mind. Something about cooking in an old kitchen makes me really happy. There was a hand winding mixer and a table card with instructions on "how to eat lobster." How cute is that? I loved how simple life felt when I was there. I can see why people don't mind growing up in a small town.

I left a little tanner, a little plumper and a lot happier. My beach vacation glow carried me all the way through an average Monday. :)

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