Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend in Philly

I spent the weekeend in Philly and had a crazy fun time. A few of my college friends are there in grad school and it felt so nice to see familiar faces in a new and fun place. Of course, my weekend was highlighted by yummy food. I didn't take tons of pictures but did get to hit the Reading Terminal Market again.

Sweets from the Flying Monkey looked promising, but were just okay. Surprisingly I liked the frosting more than the cake.

I thought the Amish can't use electricity? Whatever they do to these pretzels are fantastic. Loved them.

Somehow my table is always filled with food. Corned beef sandwich from Hershey's and tacos from 12th Street Cantina. They were both mediocre. I have yet to try the pork sandwich from Dinic's! Judging from the crazy long line, it may be the best thing at Reading Terminal Market.

I tagged along for a trip to Atlantic City on Saturday night. It was so fun, probably from the amount of drinks we had on the party bus! I won't divulge many more details since what happens in AC stays in AC. :) I will share that I ended up in the food court 3 times during the course of the night. Yep. I am a true fatty.

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