Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Famous Dave's BBQ

My first night back home, I went out with my family for some good ol' BBQ. So many new commercial developments have popped up since I've been away and a new BBQ joint opened up called Famous Dave's BBQ.  It's apparently the only good BBQ place in town--the wait was nearly 45 minutes! My sister was so excited to order a family size "feast" which came with everything and was meant to serve 4-6 people. We had 6 people and barely made it through half the food! I guess the 4-6 recommendation was for extremely hungry and large people.

Rib tips! I'm not sure why they serve just tips---the whole rib is pretty darn good!

"Feast! Feast! Feast!" is chanted as the waiters bring out this massive platter.

Jalapeno mac and cheese and firecracker green beans. Having some greens made me feel better about everything I was eating.
We all rolled out after this massive meal with a few boxes of leftovers and total meal overdose. I don't think I'll be eating BBQ for awhile.

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