Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Little Piggy....

We had a Christmas lunch for the front and back of the house staff at work last Wednesday and it was amazing. Everyone chipped in and made a dish so I got to try some pretty authentic dishes from all over the world. It was definitely an all star meal. What a way to end my last day before vacation! I'm still completely full 6 hours later. The centerpiece of the meal was a whole suckling pig, deboned, stuffed and roasted!

He has no idea what's coming! The apple was just for my amusement.

Pig? Flying squirrel? Who knows. Pig sans bones!

Babe getting some highlights!

I still think it looks cute. Like a puppy.

So much food! An entire buffet line of dishes.

I can't complain about my last meal in New York, but I'm so ready for some Bay Area eats. :)

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