Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kale Potato Soup with Bacon

It's been awhile, but the last couple weeks has felt like a blur. Time seems to move faster in December and shamefully, I haven't found time to blog about my eating and cooking. And boy have I been eating!

Yesterday, I helped host a brunch for friends to celebrate the holidays. I made 3 different types of quiche, banana pancakes, brown sugar coated bacon and truffle roasted potatoes. Unfortunately I have no pictures! It's difficult to host, drink AND take pictures. I only managed to accomplish the first two. I do have to say everything turned out well and I didn't cook too much food. Just the right amount I think except for the bacon which kept disappearing.

Today started off with dim sum at Golden Unicorn. It was my first time there and I thought it was pretty good except that it was a zoo to get a table. Not sure I would go back since I avoid crowds like the plague. After a great gym session, I ended my weekend with a comforting bowl of kale and potato soup with bacon. Super easy and quick to make. It was warm and delicious. Exactly what one needs in 30 degree weather.

I like adding goldfish to my soups. Provides the perfect balance of crunch and cheesiness. Plus they look cute!

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