Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Funday

It's been blustery cold here in the city. Winter has really arrived to my dismay. Fortunately, it means hibernating a lot more and sipping hot chocolate and apple cider spiked with bourbon--all things I love. I ventured out into the cold today to meet up with a couple visiting friends at a new neighborhood joint--6th Street Kitchen. It's very cozy and communal inside, perfect for a freezing day. Also loved that the prices were reasonable and portions small.

Fried chicken and waffles, ricotta and sweet chili sauce? Didn't really get the chili sauce. The chicken and waffles were delish.

Pork belly, coddled egss and radicchio. Super tender pork belly. This didn't really feel like brunch, but I liked it nonetheless.

Banana pancakes with bacon. Was too anxious to dive into it and didn't take a before picture. Absolutely loved them.

After the overindulgent morning, I made some wholesome chicken noodle soup with kale.

 Mmm mmm good.

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  1. bet your chicken noodle soup is way better than campbells!