Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Breslin

I finally got to check out The Breslin after months of hearing rave reviews and repeatedly seeing it featured on food shows. I had wanted to eat here since it opened but it wasn't until seeing the lamb burger featured on Unique Eats late one Sunday night, I had to have it. So I braved the icy cold weather on Friday and walked in around 630. The Breslin is located in the Ace Hotel and was definitely a hip place to hang out and have drinks. I was worried it would be really crowded, but after a short 15 minute wait, I was seated.

The Breslin has a cool, hip pub feel. It felt casual but not divey or dirty. I loved the open kichen. The noise level was loud but did not deter from being able to have a conversation.  It felt like a place I wanted to linger awhile.

Crispy sweetbreads with spiced lentils. Tasted like a fancy delicous chicken McNugget!

Small terrine board: guinea hen with morels/pork pate, rabbit & prune/headcheese/liverwurst. Came with pickles, piccalilli and mustard. Loved it.
 I was so excited when the lamb burger came out, I forgot to take a picture! Luckily there are tons on the internet. Borrowed this one from http://www.mission-food.com.

Thrice cooked chips, cumin mayo and lamb burger with feta. So juicy, there was grease dribbling down my chin. Luckily it's a dark restaurant.

I absolutely loved my meal here. It was hearty, comforting and just plain delicious. April Bloomfield did it again. I can't wait to eat here again!


  1. ooohhhh... who did you go with? next time, i come to ny, i really wanna go back to ABC kitchen. will you be my date?

  2. of course!! i've wanted to go there for some time.