Saturday, March 26, 2011


I checked out this East Village hidden gem on the warmest day NYC has seen this year. I had originally attempted to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather, but every New Yorker had the same idea and there were absolutely no tables anywhere. Even mediocre places with lousy sidewalk tables were packed. The mass mentality of NYC can be annoying sometimes! After trekking around the East Village long enough for the sun to set, I figured eating inside didn't sound so bad. I ended up at Desnuda, a place I've walked by countless times and have not had the opportunity to check out.

Desnuda is tiny. The entire place is simply a long bar that holds maybe 10 seats. The menu is small and offers oysters, ceviche and small plates. On Sundays and Mondays, the oysters are $1! Quite the deal. Unfortunately, I was not there on one of those days.  I ended up ordering the tuna and salmon ceviches and a bottle of sparkling cava. They also put out truffled popcorn while you wait for the food to come out.  The simplicity of the restaurant is refreshing. The bartender is the waiter. Not a lot of hoopla. Just fresh, delicious seafood.

tuna ceviche. super spicy. loved the presentation.

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