Thursday, March 10, 2011


I spent a long weekend in California and indulged a bit too much. Came back to a semi healthy welcome dinner at Kanoyama. I've always blindly followed the "don't eat sushi on mondays" rule but not really knowing if there was any truth behind it. Theory is that the fish market isn't open over the weekend so restaurants are serving 2 day old fish. That is unless, it's a nice place in which they would get fish daily, even Mondays. So after much research, I decided Kanoyama was reviewed highly enough for me to take a chance on and it's conveniently located in my neighborhood. I'm very glad I did! The service was excellent and the food very fresh. I sat at the sushi bar, which I generally prefer over the tables because I like to watch the sushi chefs work their magic.

fugu! blowfish covered in japanese rice crackers and deep fried. it was good, but not worth dying for!
oysters with uni and salmon caviar. like a big gulp of the ocean
chef's omakase. my favorite was steelhead salmon
I loved the variety of exotic and imported fish on the menu. There were also really interesting appetizers and small plates to try. I can't wait to go back! I'm glad I busted the urban myth. Coincidentally, I crave sushi on Mondays quite often since it's a nice healthy way to start the week.

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