Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm ashamed it's taken me 4 years in New York to finally venture out to Flushing to eat. I've gone a dozen times for baseball games but was simply too lazy to take the 40 minute ride out for delicious food. So I went last weekend with a friend, a fellow Californian, who's been craving some authentic, cheap Asian food. Unfortunately there isn't much of a Vietnamese community out here so there aren't too many decent places to go but luckily I love all Asian food and there are so many choices in Flushing. The minute I stepped off the train, I was smiling with sheer delight. Flushing reminded me exactly of home: wide streets, parking lots, malls, Asian stores, Asian restaurants. It was amazing.

With some recommendations from a friend, Yelp and my GPS, we were able to navigate around Flushing. Fortunately everything was located decently close so it wasn't hard. The streets and addresses are numbered very oddly though. Slightly confusing. Anyhow, on to the food!

spicy wontons from white bear. delish
taiwanese meatball--glutinous wrapper with meat and sauce. not a fan

before momofuku, there was the taiwanese pork bun!
 We ventured into the Flushing Mall, which is kind of a strange mall, and discovered the food court was great! 

sweet soy milk and chinese gets dipped into t he milk

pork noodles from xi'an famous foods

machine that made little cream filled pastries. minimum purchase was half a dozen so of course i got 6 just to try 1!
For a little breather from eating and to get some "exercise," we wandered into J Mart, a huge a$$ grocery store. I was in heaven. I think I wandered up and down every aisle just admiring the sheer variety of food products. I also snapped pictures of the most amusing ones I found.

i never knew winter melon was so big!

look at all the fresh seafood!


beef pizzle my nizzle

nothing is more comforting than a roasted black chicken?

insert inappropriate comment here
40 minutes later, I left with a bag of groceries and only $13 less in my wallet! Take that Whole Foods! After all that, we were ready for some dessert.

shaved ice with condensed milk and toppings from ice fire land

I honestly cannot wait to go back to Flushing and explore some more.


  1. Great choice of Flushing food venues, esp with White Bear, =). Nice pics!