Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market Smorgasbord

So during the crazy, disgusting heat wave that hit New York a couple weeks ago, I was persuaded to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market Smorgasbord. Basically it was a fenced in area by the east river where food vendors set up shop and sold their goods. A little bit of heaven for someone like me. I tried to ignore the heat and not let it deter my weekend plans, but I have to admit, sweating while trying all the delicious foods did take away from my experience. Regardless, I did some damage.

you cant see here, but everyone is dripping sweat

me and my buddy, babe

red hook lobster pound lobster roll

baja fish taco

the most amazing fried chicken, bacon and ranch biscuit sandwich ever
All the food was really worth the sweat. If I could withstand the heat longer, I would have tried more food! I can't wait to go back on a cooler day and eat everything again.

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