Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Ribbon Sushi

I've recently become addicted to the fabulousness that is Blue Ribbon. Looking for some good sushi near midtown west, I headed there for lunch one rainy Saturday afternoon. After browsing a couple Yelp reviews, I was convinced I had to try the bone marrow and fried chicken....and of course the sushi. The food was amazing. I was licking the plate AND my fingers. I really can't stop raving about it and trying to get more people to go back with me. I'm obsessed. It's sick really. I also really love the ambiance. Tucked away in a hotel lobby, the restaurant is a hidden oasis. Winding hallways lead to an impressively sized sushi bar and plenty of intimate booths and tables. Service is friendly, polite and unassuming. Overall, it was a great experience.

DIY miso soup! love this idea

bone marrow with teriyaki sauce and buttery toast

fried chicken with wasabi honey

ginger bread pudding

I also tried the sushi but the picture came out blurry so I deemed it unworthy to post. I actually preferred the other dishes to the sushi, which was good but not the best ever. I'm really going to miss this place!

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