Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Empire State of Mind

As my time here in New York trickles down, I have been furiously eating out an alarming rate. This is also partially because I have been couch surfing for the past few weeks and really don't feel that inclined to cook. Even worse than not having my own apartment and bed is not having my own kitchen. I miss cooking with familiar pots and pans and knowing where every pantry item is stocked. On the bright side, I've been eating some delicious food. It's quite bittersweet because I know every place I eat or visit is really going to be the last time. There is so much to miss about New York, but I'm most sad about giving up all the food it has to offer.  I'm going to miss the thrill of following the latest restaurant opening or the newest secret food/drink spot. Walking down any street and catching the smell of halal carts or seeing the bright enticing colors of my favorite ice cream trucks. The frustration of trying to choose a restaurant that suits price point, cuisine and availability (generally an hour long ordeal.) The farmers' markets with the best local produce or specialty gourmet stores with the best cheese, meats or macaroons! New York has been so good to me....making sure I never went hungry. I think starvation is an impossibility here with so many places open late night. I know when I'm back home, I'll be dreaming about what I would be eating if I was still in New York and wistfully looking at my hundreds of food pictures.  Leaving has felt like a breakup....I forget all the things I disliked here and really keep thinking about all the amazing memories and what I will miss. I know for the next two weeks and probably long after I'm gone, I'll still be in an empire state of mind.

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