Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Eat Part II

I have been attempting to conquer 7x7SF's The Big Eat 2011--100 Things to Try Before You Die and it has been surprisingly not that hard. It helps that I've crossed off a few of them already in the past few years, unknowingly. But now that I am actively trying, I realize I can knock off a few items during each visit to San Francisco. Last weekend was hugely successful in knocking off 4 items. Today I hit Pizzeria DelfinaBi-Rite Creamery and Tartine Bakery.

My first stop was Pizzeria Delfina. I was with a friend who knows the place very well and suggested we order the Magic Pie, an off menu item which is the Panna (tomato sauce, cream. basil and shaved parmigiano) with sausage. Unfortunately it came out without the sausage, but still tasted delicious. The pie is super thin and crispy, exactly how I like my pizza. I can hold it up to eat without needing to fold east coast habit I never picked up.

look at those gorgeous air bubbles!

In addition to this pie, we had a lot more food! Another must try on the menu, mozzarella in carozza. I didn't know what "in carozza" even meant but when the waitress said it was fried and served with brown butter, I wanted the mozzarella "in my tummy."

not your typical mozzarella sticks
But wait, there's more..we received some porcini soup to warm us up from the chilly weather that hit SF today. I was absolutely under dressed and this hit the spot.

Ok, so by this point we were quite full but really had to keep eating the delicious food put out in front of us. I forgot what this was but it tasted like pork..and crusty bread. Dipped into the soup, it was the perfect salty companion.

this is called: yummyfluffyporkproductoncrostini

My friend was on board with my mission to hit these three spots that were in proximity of each other so with our full bellies, we marched on to Bi-Rite. I love ice cream. Like REALLY love ice cream. Probably as much as some people love their kids. I have also made it a personal goal to try every reputable ice cream shop. Despite the freezing weather, I had to try this place. The moment I stepped in the door, I think I fell in love. Every flavor sounded amazing. I tried the salted caramel, which is on the 7x7 list, honey lavender and the ricanelas--cinnamon with  snickerdoodles.

I loved all three but decided to make it official with the ricandelas. Oh and I took home a pint of coffee toffee for a later treat.

my ricandelas matches my nail polish

Fatigued and cold, we powered on to Tartine Bakery. I only picked up a morning bun and a coffee, although all the pastries looked amazing. The gougere with gruyere, black pepper and thyme was tauntingly calling my name, but I forced myself to look away and show some restraint.

morning honey bun! you smell like oranges

What a productive day. Well on my way to conquering this bucket list.

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