Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sightglass Coffee

Today, I had a meeting in San Francisco at Sightglass Coffee. I have to say my mind is being blown by the variety of great coffee places the Bay Area has to offer. Blue Bottle has always been a reliable favorite then came in Philz, which I think I'm actually addicted to, and then today I discover Sightglass in the SOMA. All three places have completely different concepts and vibes yet are all brilliant. I'm no coffee connoisseur but I think I can tell the difference between Folgers and something legit and Sightglass is the real deal. The cafe is spacious, airy, and has an old school coffee roaster right in front. The menu is limited to a few options, you pay by having your card swiped on an IPAD AND provide a signature using your finger. God, why is technology so awesome these days. The drip took almost five minutes to be ready, but was worth the wait. Not for those hardcore coffee addicts who like their caffeine in a jiffy. Oh, another perk....no extra charge for soy milk! For us lactose intolerant folk, it's a nice freebie. Sightglass actually refers to the viewing window on the coffee roaster that shows the beans being roasted. Transparency on all aspects of the coffee process is their motto. Pretty clever I must say. Check it out next time the line at Philz is too long.

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