Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bitten by the Bug

I don't know how it happened but I've been bitten my the tech bug. Someone who can't even trouble shoot a printer or realize there is a "mute" button on the suddenly reading up on the latest startups and following TechCrunch on Twitter. WTH? I guess it was bound to happen living in Silicon Valley and being surrounded by sheer brain power. It seems like the excitement and energy filling this bubble is almost palpable. Although to specify, I don't care about most startups, just the ones involving food!

It seems so geeky and awesome that this foodie phenomenon has integrated with the latest in technology to form some pretty great ideas. It makes me wish I had the capacity to turn a simple idea or need into an actual business. I guess you have it or you don't. While I reflect upon my lack of accomplishments in life, here are some food startups that I find pretty darn cool.

Munchery: Online food delivery by personal chefs. Finally a way the masses can enjoy a luxury that before was not fathomable.

Kitchit: Online marketplace where you can browse and book private chefs for any occasion. Simplifies the process of searching for good chefs--all the chefs are accredited.

Foodspotting: Site and mobile app that allows you to find and recommend dishes. Location service allows you to find dishes nearby.

Spoondate: Matches people who are craving the same foods or want to try the same restaurant. Eliminates the dilemma of wanting to try a new place but not having a dining companion.

Rice paper Scissors: Vietnamese "pop-up" street cafes similar to what can be found in Vietnam. Locations are always changing and revealed on their site and twitter feeds.

Treatful: online gift certificates to popular restaurants. No one should ever give a bad present again.

There are a ton more out there, but I don't have the time or energy to cover them all. These are the ones that caught my attention. Check them out!

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