Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sushi at Home

My quest to turn my kitchen into a Japanese sushi house continues. I made a visit to Mitsuwa, an awesome Japanese supermarket in Saratoga. It has everything you could ever want plus a bakery counter and ramen stand. I knew it was dangerous to go there myself. I have zero self control when let loose in a market. No one is there to be my rational side and tell me I don't need another side of toro. I also like to walk up and down every single aisle. I love browsing and discovering interesting ingredients. I can't do this when shopping with a companion. So my average solo shopping trips tend to run around the hour mark.

On this particular trip, I picked up shiso leaves, sweet pickled ginger, tamago, fresh crab meat, hamachi sashimi, salmon sashimi, bluefin tuna sashimi, fresh uni, seaweed salad and some kewpie mayo.

I proceeded to try my hand at making a spicy crab roll for the first time. It wasn't exactly pretty, or uniform but it tasted good! How in the world so they make the inside out rolls with the rice on the outside?

I had a request for spam musubi so I whipped these bad boys up again. Perhaps I made the rice too sticky, but making these was very messy--I had rice and sauce everywhere.

Then I sliced all the fish for the sashimi, easiest part of the meal! Below is tamago, yellowtail, bluefin tuna, and salmon.

This is the first time I've purchased and eaten uni at home. So much cheaper than any restaurant!

It was an amazing sushi feast--for a third of the price of heading to a decent sushi restaurant! I know this will make it into my normal rotation of meals.

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