Monday, February 27, 2012


Tucked unassumingly on 17th Steet, Maverick seems a bit out of place in the bustling, colorful Mission District. Inside however, it is crowded, noisy and alive with the intangible excitement that ones gets from being near good food. I chose Maverick for brunch simply because I heard the food was good and it was one of the few spots in the city that takes brunch reservations. Nothing is more annoying than waiting 1+ hours for brunch. Pre-food and pre-caffeine, waiting for a table makes for a cranky Jenn. Give me a cocktail however, and I'm probably good to go.  I may appear difficult but I'm really quite easy to please.

 As I was sat on the bench outside waiting for my friends, the hostess came out and checked me in. Although they were late, she was gracious enough to hold the table and offered to seat me first. I opted to go in even though basking in the sun with this guy was nice too. I think he was waiting for a table. 

Pretty much every table had a delicious looking mimosa or blood mary on it. I was tempted but had some work to do after. The menu isn't large but has enough variety to please everyone. Our table opted to share some cinnamon sugar donuts and mac and cheese in addition to our entrees. Something about brunch brings out the inner glutton in me. 

 Sugary sweet cinnamon sugar donuts. Eat it before, during, or after your meal. Just eat it.
Maverick Breakfast Sandwich. Nueske bacon, gruyere cheese, two eggs over easy, aioli, greens, Acme round bun, home fries. It's messy and delicious. Try it with their Youk's Hot Sauce. 
When I see this picture, it's like coming home. What is it that's so comforting about macaroni and cheese? This was salty, creamy and cheesy, everything I look for in macaroni and cheese. For a real treat, plop some home fries into the mix and eat it together.

I really liked my experience here. I'll have to try dinner at some point, I've heard raves about the fried chicken. As for brunch, make a reservation and check it out! I can't say it's the best brunch ever, but I had no complaints whatsoever about the food or service. That's a win in my book. 


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