Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainy Day Meal: Grilled Cheese

Today was one of those dreary, rainy days that makes you want to lay around in pajamas all day. I had gotten so used to gorgeous, sunny skies that I forgot how temperamental Bay Area weather can be. Still, it's far better than the extreme NYC weather I put up with for the last four years.  I'll take random weeks of gloom for mostly amazing weather 80% of the time.

Rainy weather always makes me crave warm, hearty, comfort food. Sure I like to eat healthy and light when possible, but when the weather is bad--I consider it a freebie day. It's a pass to skip the gym and also eat whatever I desire. I'm inside all day so this logic actually doesn't make sense but somehow my mind and stomach have rationalized this enough times that I just go with it.

Tonight's dinner is a  great rainy day meal and one of my favorite foods to eat. Grilled cheese. Yup, that's what I choose to prepare even though I have a fully stocked kitchen and the expertise to whip up something fancy. Like most chefs, when cooking for myself, I often revert to the simplest dishes possible. I want something fast, easy, and not fussy. Making the perfect grilled cheese requires just the right touch of skill, patience and preparation. Sure it may seem like it's just cheese slapped between two pieces of bread, but a good grilled cheese has the perfect balance of butter, bread and cheese. If done right, it's just heaven.

grilled cheese with some extra oomph--caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes

Some tips for making a grilled cheese masterpiece:
  • Butter the bread on both sides of each slice.
  • Use high quality cheddar, or any mix of good melting cheeses.
  • Keep your pan on medium-low heat.
  • Allow the bread to toast slowly.
  • Use a cover to help melt the cheese before the bread becomes too toasted.
  • Cut on a bias. Trust me, it tastes better this way.


  1. funny. i just had grilled cheese at The Melt today. Just felt like grilled cheese as well. -Min