Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beast and the Hare

A couple of weeks ago I had dinner at Beast and the Hare. I wanted to go here purely for the awesome happy hour specials and was pleasantly surprised that dinner turned out to be great as well. Located deep in the Mission, the restaurant can be a bit of a pain to get to but it's well worth the trek. I even lucked out and found a prime parking spot. Inside, it's cozy and intimate with the perfect noise level to carry on conversation with dining companions. Perhaps I'm getting old, but I hate really loud restaurants. There's nothing appealing about shouting across a table or hearing club music while I enjoy my dinner. The menu is meat centric and pretty darn hearty. Expect to take a nap after your meal here.

I failed to take pictures of everything we ordered. It's hard to take pictures with greasy hands--plus the food looked good so I just dove right in. In addition to the dishes below, I also tried the house  charcuterie which was absolutely delicious.

deviled eggs
fried chicken, johnnycake, maple syrup, and beastmo' hot sauce

My friends also tried the burger and one of the pasta dishes. Everybody was quite full and satisfied by the end of our meal. I thoroughly enjoyed my fried chicken and johnnycake. It tasted like a delicious corn pancake. We also made room for dessert which was a bit underwhelming. All in all, highly recommend checking this place out for happy hour and dinner!

Beast and the Hare

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