Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sam's Chowder House

A couple weekends ago, I ventured out to Half Moon Bay with a couple friends. We started the day with an easy walk along Pillar Point Bluffs and were treated with gorgeous views of the ocean, beach and cloudless blue sky. Did I mention it was sunny, warm and not at all windy? It pays to get up early on weekend mornings, sometimes!

Following our "hike," we headed to Sam's Chowder House for lunch. I've heard such good things about this restaurant so my expectations were pretty high. I did, after all, drive over an hour just to get my hands on a tasty lobster roll! Luckily my expectations were met, as were my taste buds! The food was delicious and service was friendly and warm--exactly how it should be in a cozy seaside restaurant.

creamy clam chowder--not too thick and perfectly seasoned

my biggest issue with this lobster roll was that it was too small! i wanted MORE.

fried seafood platter was eh. don't bother getting this.

It was a perfect morning with a little exercise, great lunch and wonderful company. Doesn't get better than that. I can't wait to head back here for my seafood fix. 


  1. Lobster rolls are ALWAYS too small :( Can't wait to go here!

  2. seriously, why are they so small!! someone should make a giant one