Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getaway to Monterey

Over the holidays, I made a trip down to Monterey with a couple of friends from out of town. I haven't been to Monterey in years and it was reassuring to know it was every bit as charming as I remembered. With no real agenda besides getting a seafood fix, we made a our first stop for lunch a Sea Harvest Fish Market & Restaurant. A fresh seafood counter and a half hour wait set my expectations pretty high for this place. Thankfully--it didn't disappoint! Quick service. Fresh and delicious food. I recommend checking it out if you're in Monterey and looking for a casual lunch.

creamy clam chowder + edible bowl. what more could you want?

rich and creamy

perfectly golden fish & chips

For dessert, we wandered in the Candy Baron for a treat...or several. They had every salt water taffy flavor known to man.
whee! so much candy

something about this pile of taffy makes me want to jump right in it
remember these??? big ol cup of nosalgia

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