Monday, April 12, 2010

Jury Duty is Expensive

I had jury duty today and I experienced something I haven't experienced in nearly a year and a half--buying breakfast and lunch. I've been so accustomed to having food readily accessable to me during daytime hours that I kind of forgot what it's like to live like normal working professional in NYC. I eat a lot...not huge quantities, but frequently--a result of being surrounded by food and trying to avoid food comas at work. This does not bode well for my wallet.

I had to buy breakfast (coffee, yogurt, banana), lunch (salad and water) and snacks (trail mix) to keep myself satiated during my eight hour day at the court house and it cost nearly $15! I know that's not that much but now I know how I have so little savings from my finance days when I was spending this everyday. I will definitely plan better for my upcoming jury duty days or at least do some research so I can hit up an Asian place for lunch which will be much cheaper than an $8.00 salad--something I find so atrocious!

The highlight of the day was getting a 2 hour lunch break in which I sat outside on some park benches, defrosting in the sun and reading Frank Bruni's Born Round. It was amazingly peaceful. Jury duty isn't so bad after all.

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