Sunday, September 25, 2011


I went to Philly this weekend and crossed off one huge task on my bucket list: dinner at Vetri. The restaurant only offers each patron a six course tasting menu based on a larger set menu already decided by the chef. There is a surprise element that makes the whole experience quite fun. You can customize your tasting menu based on dietary restrictions or preferences but for the most part every course that comes out is a surprise. I wasn't exactly hungry when I sat down for dinner but everything was so delicious, I made room! Even before the tasting started, the table received prosecco and a couple dishes to share.  I thought that was a nice touch. Then the courses came out slow the dinner lasted for 3 hours. I was stuffed but  enjoyed every bite!

vegetable tart, assorted sausage, foie gras and pickled pear

assorted crudite and basalmic mousse
crudo plate
artichoke salad with arugula
fois gras stuffed quail with heirloom beans
sweet onion crepe with white truffle
squash caramelle with mostarda
almond tortellini with truffle sauce
spinach gnocchi with brown butter
chestnut fettucine with boar and cocoa
porcini pappardelle with rabbit and peaches
spaghetti with lobster mushrooms and sea beans
veal cheek brasato with root vegetable gratin
monkfish brasato with potato puree
tomato gelato with concord grapes and honey
chocolate polenta souffle
pistachio flan with white chocolate gelato

 This was my last dining splurge before heading back to California. Even though it wasn't in New York, it was a worthy last supper that I will drool about for some time.

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