Monday, October 31, 2011

Heaven is a Place on Earth

This past weekend, I spent a delicious two days in San Francisco. I discovered that in addition to a farmer's market at the ferry building, there are food stands set up all long the pier. Always one for a smorgasbord of tastings, I couldn't wait to try them all. Unfortunately, my stomach is an eighth of the size of my appetite so I was only able to try a couple. First stop was at Roli Roti, where there was a crazy line. They offer rotisserie chickens but I'm pretty sure everyone was waiting for the ridiculous looking porchetta. Porchetta, pronounced por-ketta, is a fatty, boneless pork roast generally layered with herbs and other aromatics and traditionally roasted over wood.

you could hear the crunch of the crackling as they cut into it

They serve the sandwich with a crunchy Acme ciabatta roll, some onion marmalade and greens. It's phenomenal. In my opinion, it surpasses Porchetta's (NYC) pork sandwich by miles.

get in mah belly!
As if this wasn't enough food, I headed to the Namu cart and ordered some gamja fries. Believe it or not, I ate most of this.  It was pretty addicting.

My friends ordered a couple other things from the cart, both looked great as well. Everything was made fresh to order.

beef taco

fried chicken with asian slaw and dashi gravy

There is a reason why I keep visiting the ferry building almost every time I'm in San Francisco. It's really a food mecca for all things delicious. No matter how full I am before I go there, I always make room for more. I've contemplated all the ways I could live as close to it as possible without actually living in a boat off the dock. But perhaps that wouldn't be so horrible if I could wake up to a porchetta sandwich every Saturday.....

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